Earthtime is a leading multi-disciplinary development and environmental consulting firm offering professional services in the fields of applied earth and environmental sciences.  

Baseline survey & ESIA

Earthtime provides high quality integrated solutions that always deliver results. We are highly experienced in developing baseline surveys and ESIA’s, as two of our core service areas we diligently work with clients, partners and regulatory authorities to maintain our record of excellence and serving as a vital resource for local content and guidance. Earthtime collaborates with all project stakeholders to achieve and maintain the highest levels of environmental compliance while gaining community support. Our strategic assessments give clear recommendations towards realizing project goals using sustainable practices. Earthtime’s ESIA’s provide the essential information to help facilitate planning, permitting, and approvals.



  • Baseline Survey
  • Impact Assessments & Mitigation Solutions
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Public Consultation
  • Site & Route selection
  • Planning, Permitting, & Approvals


To learn more about our experience in Baseline Surveys and ESIA’s, visit our Projects & Clients page.

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