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Our Staff

Wassim Hamdan
Wassim Hamdan is an environmental systems specialist with extensive experience working in Liberia, including as the Managing Director of Earthtime Inc. in Monrovia since 2006. He worked directly with regulators to improve the national ESIA procedures. Wassim has extensive experience with Liberian ESIA legislation and has worked directly with regulators to improve the national ESIA procedures. He has worked in the environmental services field for over 10 years and has managed in-country teams in the completion of ESIAs for multiple industries. Wassim has a background in Geology and Hydrogeology, and is an EPA’s certified environmental evaluator, and has managed several in-country ESIA activities including oil and gas exploration offshore, transmission lines, HFO and power plants, mineral exploration activities, woodchip biomass production, rubber plantation and rubber processing facilities, breweries, landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and port rehabilitation.
Dunchard Stanley
Dunchard has excellent interpersonal and communication skills and ability to work in a multi-stakeholder environment, and plays a major role in communicating with the EPAL. Dunchard had a leading role in organizing stakeholders consultations, public participation activities, and following up with EPAL on permitting requirements to secure all environmental requirements and permits for Earthtime’s clients. For instance, during an ESIA work for a oil and gas exploration projects, Dunchard arranged stakeholders consultations with several county officials, and public participation meetings with residents of several communities in four different counties in Liberia, namely Sinoe, Grand Bassa, Grand Cape Mount, and Montserrado Counties.
Nabil El Masri Nader
With a Land-Use Management and Environment Masters Degree background, Nabil El Masri Nader has had a wide experience with several multidisciplinary Research Centers as well as Private companies in Lebanon, France, UAE and Liberia. He has worked for both the Lebanese and French National Councils for Scientific Research focusing on sustainability and environmental protection projects funded by local governments and the European Union. He also has worked for private companies as a Research & Development Senior Analyst implementing GIS in projects related to water and electrical utilities in the UAE as well as in various ESIA/ESMP projects in Liberia.
Yasmin El Helwe
Yasmin is a senior consultant with Earthtime. She has participated in many ESIA/ESMP projects in Liberia for oil exploration, rubber plantations development, rubber processing factories, wood logging, transmission lines, mining and water management. Yasmin has wide knowledge and extensive experience in the Liberian ecological and socio-economic environments. She also has extensive experience in Liberian environmental legislation and procedures. Yasmin has wide knowledge and extensive experience in the Liberian ecological and socio-economic environments. Particularly, she has expertise in the Liberian coastal and marine environments. She is responsible for the collection of environmental and socio-economic baseline data for the development of in-country ESIAs and ESMPs. This includes, but is not limited to, the management of field studies necessary for such information, the analysis of laboratory results and the discussion of findings based on solid scientific research. Provided her extensive experience in environmental laws, her legislating competences and her familiarity with Liberian legislation and procedures, she is also responsible for the development of the legislative section in all the ESIA/ESMP documents submitted by Earthtime. Yasmin also participates in the identification of projects’ environmental and socio-economic impacts and the establishment of environmental and social management plans. Moreover, she assists with the Quality Assurance/Quality control of ESIAs and ESMPs.
Basma Shamas
Basma Shamas has professional experience in conducting environmental field surveys, environmental sampling and monitoring and collection of baseline data for ESIAs. She has worked in the environmental services field for around 3 years and has participated in-different ESIAs and EMPs, including mineral explorations, and HFO power plants. Basma has also undertaken projects associated with groundwater and surface water management as part of master plans, environmental audits,identification of potential landfill sites, geophysical surveying, hydrogeological investigations, geological mapping, and borehole drilling and supervision. Basma has a background in Geology and Hydrogeology, and has extensive experience using GIS for geological, and hydrogeological mapping for major aquifer development projects.
Dr. Dia Karanouh
Dr. Dia Karanouh has participated in environmental and social management assignments for several projects including electrical transmission line projects, mineral testing laboratories, woodchip biomass production, power plants, and water purification and distribution networks. Dr. Karanouh obtained her Master’s Degree in Environmental Management in 2009 from University of London (Imperial College), and has worked since then as an Environmental Management Consultant at Earthtime, bringing to our ESIA and natural resources management projects strong formal training in environmental management.
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